Roofing Tiles

Roofing Tiles Covering your roof with roofing tiles is one of the most traditional and aesthetically pleasing options. The tile material is watertight while at the same time it allows good ventilation. It is also fireproof and provides good thermal insulation. We import a complete range of roofing tiles in various shapes and colours from the most prominent Italian manufacturers. 

Technical Characteristics: ISO 9001:2000 CE

Portugese Style

  • Length 40.7 cm
  • Width 25.2 cm
  • Pieces per m2 14
  • Weight 3.1 kg each
  • Weights per m2 43.4  kg

French Style

  • Length 41.1 cm
  • Width 23.7 cm
  • Pieces per m2 14
  • Weight 3 kg each
  • Weight per m2 42  kg