About Us

Sidiremboriki Ltd was established in 2001 as a trading company importing and distributing steel, welded mesh, and other construction materials. The company belongs to the D. Nicolaou & Sons Ltd group which has been active in commerce since 1968.

Sidiremboriki Ltd has invested in modern industrial facilities purposely built for trading steel, welded mesh and offering steel cut and bend services, as well as storing and selling other construction products.

Our priority is the supply of steel with the highest specifications along with offering top service to our clients.  

The steel cut and bend service uses modern machinery in combination with our expert and trained personnel. Our storage facilities protect all our products from rust, dust, and humidity. In addition, we use various vehicles, cranes and machinery that enable us to deliver our products to our clients’ projects in perfect condition and in a timely manner. 

The company has invested in modern cranes with electronic weighing systems and in modern machinery for the cutting and bending of steel controlled with computer systems. As a result, we can achieve maximum precision in the straightening, bending, cutting and welding of steel.

Our responsibility is to always work hard to meet our clients’ needs as well as the evolving requirements of the construction sector.